Friday, August 31, 2018

Benefits of Being Bilingual

Learning a new language is never easy, but the benefits of doing so can be life changing in several ways! Just like any muscle the brain needs exercise too and learning a new language has been shown to be an incredible tool for exercising the brain. Many medical studies even suggest that learning multiple languages can, improve attention span, increase the ability to multitask, and even reduce the risk of Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and strokes.

Beyond these amazing health benefits, learning another language helps us bridge the gap between cultures and world views. It opens our mind to new perspectives and ways of life that were previously shut off to us.

At PLG all of our staff speak at least 2 languages, and we celebrate the diversity of culture, language, thought process, and world views.

Take a look at the Ted talk below for an in-depth look at the benefits found in being multilingual!

Ina TED talk by Columbia Professor John McWhorter, he reviews the top benefits oflearning a new language.

PLG is officially ISO certified!

As you may have seen in our last Newsletter, we spent the Summer undergoing a heavy review and revision process on all our procedures, so that we could undergo an extensive 3rd party audit to become an ISO certified Translation Service Provider. 

ISO 17100 sets the standards in the translation industry as how quality translation products and services can be achieved consistently. We had to extensively prove compliance with all standardized procedures, as well as the qualifications of our translators to achieve certification. The translators for example, are required to hold a recognized graduate qualification in translation from an institution of higher education, as well as 5 years full-time professional experience in translating in order to qualify as ISO certified translators. 

Adherence to the industry proven standards allows our internal processes to run smoother and more efficiently while minimizing opportunities of human errors and the impact of variation among personal preferences or habits. Because of this, from quotation through project completion the certification has allowed us to focus on the details of each process. Regardless of the nature and requirements of the projects, or who on our staff is assigned to the job, your project will always be handled by trained professionals following the same procedures to insure consistent high-quality results. 

Holding this certification is a high prestige in the industry, due to the time and expense required to achieve it. To maintain our certification, we will undergo yearly audits to show continual compliance and improvement of our procedures.       

If you would like to take a look at our certificate or read more about the standard you can do so here:

Friday, June 29, 2018


Please join us in welcoming the newest member of the PLG Team and in-house French expert, Kaitlin Tossing! We are extremely excited to bring her onboard as our company has continued to grow. 

A recent magna cum laude from North Central College with a degree in French, Kaitlin pulls on her experience from studying abroad at L’Universit√© Catholique de l’Ouest in Angers, France and tutoring grades K-12 in order to provide linguistic expertise and excellent customer service.  

We are confident she will provide added value to our team and clients as she steps into her role. 

Company Software Updates

PLG has updated our software and hardware! These updates enhance quality, improve productivity, promote efficiency and increase cost-effectiveness. 

This latest software update makes our database even easier to use; allowing for better management of all your translation needs from start to finish. With new and improved high-quality fragment matching and a self-learning translation features that adapts to jobs and remembers patterns that are particular to specific clients and projects, we’re sure that this update will improve time and cost efficiency. This update is also expected to strengthen quality control for all translations as it updates the “translation memory” for a project in real time. 

Trados, our software of choice and one of the leading translation tools in the industry, allows us to create a translation memory that is unique to each client and remembers preferred word choices, previously translated projects, and more! 

We are excited at the opportunity this presents to improve our services and our ability to anticipate and meet any and all translation projects head-on! 

ISO Certifications

Here at PLG, we are currently in the process of working with industry experts to receive ISO 17100 Certification that is specific to translation service providers. The International Organization for Standardization is a third part organization that sets standards across almost any industry. 

The most generic standard is ISO 9001, which sets out the criteria for a quality management system. This standard can be achieved by any organization, across any industry as it provides a set of systems and procedures to establish quality regardless of the service or product being offered. 

ISO 17100, on the other hand, is designed specifically for Translation Service Providers, and stipulates how to go about vetting translators, project management standards, and other quality control measures. 

In the coming weeks, ISO auditors will review procedures curated by our experienced project managers that document our abilities, resources, and processes needed to manage any and all translation projects with an eye for quality assurance, translator experience, and delivering capacities. 

What this means for us: 
  • Reinforced standards for translators with a focus on qualifications, competence and experience. 
  • Transparent project management procedures.  
  • Clearly documented resources and technologies for more reliable translation outcomes. 
  • Stronger quality assurance. 
What this means for you: 

Higher Quality, More Efficiency, Better Cost-Effectiveness

Friday, April 6, 2018

Netflix and Large Scale Subtitle Translation

Netflix is working on an incredible, but complex, solution to a very difficult problem. As one of the largest digital media and entertainment companies in the world, Netflix is working on being able to bring its content to users around the world. 

Netflix’s international business will soon account for more than half of the company’s revenue, so the company has begun to invest massively in its ability to translate and subtitle content for users outside the US. However, Netflix is in a difficult position for translation, since all of the content produced by the company (TV shows, and movies) contains the most difficult parts of language to translate, jokes, idioms, sarcasm, cultural references, slang, etc. 

How does one go about handling, and ensuring quality translation on such a large scale for such difficult content?

Last year Netflix revealed the HERMES tool, which allowed thousands of translators in hundreds of languages the ability to test their translation skill, in order to be an approved resource for the company. The test consisted of several rounds of multiple choice questions which were meant to measure the translator’s ability to:

  • Understand English
  • Translate idioms, etc. into their target language
  • Identify linguistic and technical errors
  • Subtitle proficiently

Through the completion of the test (which consisted of thousands of randomized questions, so that no two tests were the same) Netflix was able to produce scores regarding a candidate’s skill level in translation, and match candidates with projects that would suit their skills.
This will also allow Netflix the ability to self-manage and work with translators directly rather than having to go through 3rd parties like us. For an enormous company with deep pockets, this was a rather incredible solution to a difficult problem. Within the coming years we should see Netflix content available in just about any language, as their international sales will no doubt soon surpass their US market.

Video and Audio Translation – How it Works

Does your company have training videos, marketing ads on YouTube, a company introduction video on your website? In the past year we have seen a large increase in the number of requests for video subtitling and voice-over work, and we would like to extend our services to you! 

Click here to see a video sample on our website!

Creating multimedia content in multiple languages can be a daunting task for companies who are looking to diversify their content. Our job is to streamline that process for you, and provide turnkey solutions for your video and audio translation. 

Having a video subtitled or dubbed with a new language can certainly be a more expensive service than translation of a document, but it can also be an extremely effective way to bring new and important material to your multilingual staff and clients. It also displays another layer of effort and inclusivity to all those who may take interest in your product or services.

There are 4 key components to the subtitling/voice-over process:
  1. Transcription – First we need the script from the video, if you are unable to provide this we can simply watch the video or listen to the audio file, and copy down the text.
  2. Translation – As with all of our projects, the next step is translation. This can get a little tricky when it comes to multimedia content, as languages often lengthen or shorten the amount of text after being translated. With video or audio files, however, we have to stick to a narrow timeframe. Translations that are too long or too short will throw off the flow of the video, or will bleed over into different scenes/slides. 
  3. Voice-Over/Subtitling – with as much preparation and timing considerations brought into the translation process as possible, our team then moves on to creating the subtitles or voice-over itself. This process again, requires some careful editing and timing, as well as hiring appropriate voice talent to record the script. 
  4. Quality Review – All videos have to go through a strenuous quality review before being delivered back to the client. The translators and project manager carefully go through the finalized file to ensure the translations flow properly, are not cut off anywhere, and convey the appropriate meaning at the right times. 

If presenting your company in a global light and offering multimedia content in multiple languages is important to you we would be happy to chat further about how we can help!